Tuskerbister Jarl Einar

First off – a bit about us!

Meet Einar (who rejoices under the Sunday name of Tuskerbister Jarl Einar, but is more affectionately referred to as The Pie/Mr Pie). Einar is an 8 year old registered Highland Pony gelding who is over height at 15.1hh, and is a beautiful yellow dun with black legs, eel stripe, and tail and mane.

He is beautiful, sweet and gentle – a more placid and obliging boy you’d be hard-pressed to find. However, he has also challenged us throughout the five years he’s been a part of our lives (or should I say, Our Entire World) with a series of illnesses, injuries and conditions which would have depleted the endurance of lesser (saner) owners.

Einar’s humans are me – Jo – a senior psychiatric nurse specialist/vegan/retired goth/lifelong horse-fanatic living in West Lothian (just outside Edinburgh), and my better half, Craig, an IT specialist/vegan/nerd/geek/more recent recruit to The Horsey Life. We’re in our forties, but have yet to reach any semblance of adult common sense.

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