The best laid plans…


Well, I was intending to kick this thing off with a brief synopsis of the illnesses and injuries Einar has endured since we bought him in August 2013, but a spanner has once again been lobbed into the works.

We arrived at the yard last night to a dull and subdued Pie, and a completely untouched haynet.

Alarm bells clanged.

This boy is normally loudly shouting his empty-haynet woe the second we drive into the yard, so something was clearly wrong. We’ve been through enough colic episodes with him to know his unique and very subtle signs – no thrashing, kicking his belly, or lying down. This stoic wee scone simply retreats into himself and sort of switches off.

Cue yet another call to Forth Valley Vets (aka The-Best-Vets-Ever™) and a swift visit from James. Pain relief and anti-inflammatory duly administered, and fortunately his heart rate was fine and nothing untoward was discovered upon rectal exam. However James was concerned by his high temperature (just shy of 40°C!) and suspected we may be dealing with a virus and infectionnot so good.

To rule out anything sinister, James pulled some bloods and performed a peritoneal tap. Fortunately, the fluid obtained looked relatively normal, and The Boy was considerably perkier by this point. He was left sans hay overnight (and rather vocal on that point), and by this morning was back to his usual bright and cheery self. Breakfast and hay demolished in record time, and temperature down to 37.4°C. James called early doors to check how he was, and to let us know that the bloods and peritoneal fluid were normal – phew!

So, a lot of stress and worry, a sleepless night (for me anyway – nothing much keeps Craig from his slumber), and a hefty vet bill to look forward to (thanks for that Pie!), but our lad is back to his usual, loveable self.

Horses…who’d have ’em?

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