Mr Pie’s pony pedicure (and poo problem!)

Einar had his regular visit from his barefoot trimmer Jane Cumberlidge from Barefootworks on Thursday.

In keeping with the rest of him, his feet aren’t at their best currently, which is a frustration, considering the mighty rock crunchers he used to have. His previous history of laminitis means he needs very restricted grazing and since he is currently unable to be ridden or exercised to any great degree, he’s not moving around anywhere near enough to stimulate strong and healthy hoof growth.

Jane (we like to call her The Hoofsayer™) has been working to keep his feet in top condition for the last 4 (and a bit) years, and I think she’d agree that it’s not been the easiest of tasks. Just recently he’s had a lot of flaking and chipping, and we’ve had to resort to turning him out in his Cavallo Simple boots each day to avoid this happening. Coupled with his ongoing propensity to produce sloppy cow-pat poos (and his mystery colic/virus episode earlier this week) we’re convinced that something is askew somewhere in his digestive tract. We were chatting this over with Jane when she mentioned an article she’d read earlier that day by Dr Carol Hughes from Phytorigins about her newly released Equibiome faecal test for horses. This analyses the gut biome and identifies any issues or problems. At £150 a pop it isn’t cheap (it’s horse related; of course it isn’t cheap), but if it gives us some insight into what the hell is going on in Einar’s gut (and more importantly, how we address it) then it will have been money well spent. Order duly placed, and the testing kit arrived first thing next day (speedy!). I’m both excited and apprehensive about what the test might reveal…I will report back in due course!

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